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injury lawyer andrew mishlove

Andrew Mishlove

Personal Injury Attorney and Passionate Rider

When I was just a little kid, my Dad bought me my first bike: a Schwinn coaster brake, one-speed. Much to Dad’s chagrin, it was less than a week later that I got ahold of a pliers and an adjustable wrench, and had that Schwinn torn apart.

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Wisconsin Trial Attorney Lauren Stuckert

Lauren Stuckert

One of Wisconsin’s Most Skilled Legal Experts in Forensic Science

Attorney Lauren Stuckert fights hard on behalf of riders when their ride has gone bad.  She is a recognized leader in Wisconsin in criminal and traffic defense, and one of Wisconsin’s most skilled legal experts in forensic science.

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Biker Injury Lawyer George Stein

George Stein

Motorcycle Injury Lawyer and Real Rider

Steelhorse Law Wisconsin is a proud partner of Steelhorse Law, founded in Atlanta, Georgia by Attorney George Stein. George is a real biker, great lawyer, and one tough fellow.

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Brian Caron - Motorcycle accident attorney

Brian Caron

Motorcycle-Related Personal Injury Attorney

At Steelhorse Law, we rely on the experience, savvy and smarts of our Atlanta partner, Brian Caron.  He is an essential member of our team, when we formulate strategy and tactics in our complex injury cases.

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Marcos Garza

Biker Accident Attorney and Advocate

Marcos Garza is our Steelhorse Law Partner in Tennessee.  He’s been fighting for biker’s rights since he got out of the military.  At Steelhorse Law, we honor veterans and we’re proud of Marcos’ service.

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Kai Gardner Mishlove

Kai Gardner Mishlove

Marketing Director and Client Services Coordinator

Kai Gardner Mishlove is the Marketing Director and Client Services Coordinator for Steelhorse Law Wisconsin and Mishlove and Stuckert, LLC. She has loved motorcycles since her childhood. Her mother rode Harleys in the 1960’s and her family grew up on the race track.

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