Motorcycle Injuries

Attorney Andrew Mishlove, ready to ride with you and fight for you.

Some Common Motorcycle Injuries

All motorcycle riders know what it feels like when a bonehead in a car looks right at you, but doesn’t see you. They turn into you, pull out into you, rear-end you, and so on. And, then they try to blame you because you are a biker.

Attorney Andrew Mishlove, of Steelhorse Law is a lawyer who has been fighting for bikers since 1981 – building and riding bikes for a lot longer than that. He has the guts and the know-how to get you every nickel that you deserve.

Over the years we’ve seen certain kinds of motorcycle injuries more often than others. Here is some information, and a few safety tips.

Broken Bones

We hope that you are able to avoid the bonehead that doesn’t see you. Sometimes, you just can’t. They hit you, or cause you to hit them. Either way, you’re likely to break a bone. Broken legs are common, whether from impact or being twisted up in your bike. They hurt badly. They will certainly put you down for a month or two, causing lost income, medical bills, etc. You might lose your riding season. All of that is bad, but it might be worse. Sometimes a broken bone requires surgery to heal correctly, or it does not heal correctly at all. It may develop arthritis in a few years.

Frankly, all of the safety gear out there will not really help in this situation. That’s why we spend a lot of effort attempting to educate the boneheads to look for motorcycles. So, be careful out there, try to avoid the boneheads, and keep our Rider’s Advantage card handy.

Road Rash

Some people may think that road rash, or abrasion injury, is not so bad. After all, it doesn’t show up on an x-ray. Any rider who has gotten a bad road rash, however, knows the pain, burning, itching – and weeks of irritation that it causes. Road rash hurts, and sometimes it hurts worse after a week or two. What’s worse, though, although it is very tender, it must be thoroughly cleaned. That really hurts. Road rash can lead to serious infections. So, if you get a case of road rash, be sure to go to a doctor quickly.

We all love to ride in the wind and feel the freedom, especially in hot weather. Today, though, there is motorcycle safety gear that is so light and airy, that you feel like you’re riding naked. High-tech fiber woven in loose mesh is the material that you see in hot-weather riding jackets and pants. This stuff feels great. But, it will protect you from road rash. And it looks really cool, too.

Scars and Disfigurement

A motorcycle accident can leave you permanently scarred and disfigured. That can be serious, especially on your face. It’s still serious, even if it’s on a less obvious place. Lacerations, cuts, road rash, burns, and broken bones can permanently affect your appearance – and that’s important. It might affect how other people view you, and it might affect how you view yourself. It may affect your career and your personal life.

There are some things that you can do to lessen the severity of scars and disfigurement. First, if you are hurt, go to a doctor or hospital right away. Second, learn about proper riding gear, and wear it.

Spinal Injury

A spinal injury can be devastating. It might just involve a backache, but it could cause paralysis, leading to a lifetime of hardship. The costs can be astronomical, including a loss of income, medical bills, and continued care. As expensive as that may be, the real damage is the pain, suffering and loss of enjoyment of life. We know riders who have suffered paralysis, and are confined to wheelchairs, that have fought back – and even gotten back on their bikes to ride. We are inspired by the fighting spirit of those riders. We keep that in mind when we fight for any rider who has suffered a devastating injury.

Traumatic Brain Injury

A concussion, or mild traumatic brain injury, may be the most mysterious, difficult, and one of the most serious injuries a rider can experience. The effects of a concussion may not be apparent for a long time. A brain injury can affect a person’s mood, speech, emotions, thought, memory, relationships, balance, and fine motor skills. Like all injuries, it can hurt the whole family.

Reducing the risk of a brain injury is simple. We always wear a good, Snell-rated helmet whenever we ride. It doesn’t get rid of all of the risk; but it reduces the risk of a brain injury dramatically. Good Snell-rated helmets aren’t cheap. They cost at least $250.00, and usually a lot more. But, a good helmet not only offers more protection, they are lighter, quieter, cooler and more comfortable. And, they are a lot cheaper than a trip to the hospital.

At Steelhorse Law, we are opposed to any law that requires you to wear a helmet. Let those who ride, decide! Wearing a good helmet, however, along with proper riding gear is the smart choice.

Wrongful Death

We never like to talk about death or think about it. The fact is, however, that motorcycle riders sometimes get killed. A bonehead in a car makes a left turn without looking, and a rider’s life is taken. This devastates the rider’s family, and the whole community of riders. It might leave children without a parent and provider. It might leave a wife without a husband, or a parent without a child. The financial cost is horrendous; but the emotional pain is far worse.

There really is nothing that anyone, least of all a lawyer, can do to make the pain and loss of an accident go away. The only remedy that the law allows is money. Compensation is required not only for all of the financial loss, but also for the pain.

At Steelhorse Law, bikers are family. We’re real riders and real lawyers, who have the guts and the know how to fight for bikers.