George Stein

george stein

Steelhorse Law Wisconsin is a proud partner of Steelhorse Law, founded in Atlanta, Georgia by Attorney George Stein. George is a real biker, great lawyer, and one tough fellow. He is a nine-time national champion in Judo, so you know that he is a real fighter! We are delighted to have George’s skill, experience and resources, to fight the insurance companies and get the best result in Wisconsin.

George Stein has been helping his brothers and sisters in the motorcycle community for more than 20 years. His mission is to help protect downed bikers who have suffered injuries while riding their bikes. A motorcycle rider himself for 25 years, George takes it personally when someone causes a rider to lay their bike down!

Steelhorse Law is an exceptional full-service biker law firm, whose goal is to aggressively represent motorcycle riders when it comes to dealing with their claims against insurance companies.

From the very beginning of a case through its final stages, George and the entire Steelhorse Wisconsin team show a genuine concern for accident victims and their families. George never settles for less, so if you want quality lawyers on your side, talk to Steelhorse Law Wisconsin.

“Licensed in Georgia”