1. Are motorcycle helmets required?

Motorcycle helmets are only required in Wisconsin for riders under 18, and for riders with instructional permits. Helmets are NOT required in Wisconsin for adult riders. If a rider is not wearing a helmet, and that rider is injured, the failure to wear a helmet cannot be used against that rider in court. Wis. Stat. 347.485.

2. Is motorcycle eye protection required?

Yes, everyone on a motorcycle must wear eye protection, unless the bike has a windscreen that extends a minimum of 15” above the handlebars. Wis. Stat. 347.485(2).

3. Is a motorcycle headlight required?

Yes, headlights are required, even in the daytime. Wis. Stat. 346.595(5).

4. Can I proceed through a red light that will not change?

Yes, if you are stuck at an intersection that appears to be governed by traffic-actuated a (car-actuated) signal, and you may cautiously proceed through the intersection if you have waited a minimum of 45 seconds. Wis. Stat. 346.37(1)(c)4.

5. Is motorcycle insurance mandatory?

Yes, insurance is mandatory in Wisconsin. The minimum limits are much too low, however, so we recommend carrying high limits of uninsured motorist coverage, under-insured motorist coverage, and med pay coverage.

6. Am I allowed to run loud motorcycle pipes?

We know a lot of people run loud pipes, but they are not actually allowed. Wis. Stat. 347.39 prohibits pipes that are too loud.

7. Can I have a passenger on my motorcycle without a passenger seat and passenger footpegs? That would be a dumb thing to do, and it is not allowed. Wis. Stat. 346.595(3) and (3m).

8. Am I required to signal turns on my motorcycle?

Motorcycle riders in Wisconsin are required to signal their turns and lane changes. Wis. Stat. 347.15.

9. Is my new motorcycle covered by the Lemon Law in Wisconsin?

Yes, motorcycles (but not mopeds) are covered by the Lemon Law. Wis. Stat. 218.017

10. Are motorcycle mirrors required?

Yes, at least one motorcycle mirror is required in Wisconsin. Wis. Stat. 347.40.