Andrew Mishlove


When I was just a little kid, my Dad bought me my first bike: a Schwinn coaster brake, one-speed.  Much to Dad’s chagrin, it was less than a week later that I got ahold of a pliers and an adjustable wrench, and had that Schwinn torn apart.  Along with the other neighborhood kids, we swapped out handlebars, wheels, saddles – and of course, we used baseball cards and balloons to get the ever-popular motorcycle sound out of our bikes. My love of wrenching, hot-rodding and customizing continues to this day.

Although I started with motorcycles as a teenager, I got into racing through sports cars.  As a young lawyer, I built and rebuilt several race cars – and won races with them.  One summer day I brought home a junkyard MG Midget.  About a year later, a beautiful F-Production SCCA race car emerged from my garage. I ran the MG in the Midwestern Council of Sports Car Clubs series, winning the 1993 F Production championship, and rookie driver of the year award.  Then, I tried my hand restoring and running a wicked-fast Lola T-440 Formula Ford single seat race car.

Blackhawk Farms Raceway and Road America became my homes away from home. I raised my kids there, and made lifelong friends on the race scene.  From car-racing, I tried my hand at motorcycle racing and race-bike building.  Starting in the late 1990’s, I built bikes and raced in the CCS Series road-racing, Superbikers2 Supermoto racing, AHRMA vintage racing, and ice-racing.

When not actively racing, my favorite kind of riding is adventure touring, or dualsport.  My best rides have been long distance, dirt-road tours of the Mexican backcountry.

To me, Bikers are Family!

I  take that love of biking, competitive fire, and determination with me every time I walk into a courtroom to fight for bikers’ rights.  Since 1981, I’ve been a lawyer that the other side fears to see in court.  I have successfully represented thousands of people, and fought hundreds of jury trials.  Now that I have joined with the national Steelhorse Law motorcycle law firm, with the expertise and resources of more than dozen biker-lawyers behind him, I am the lawyer that you want fighting for you!