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Andrew Mishlove, Motorcycle Injury Attorney in Wisconsin

Motorcycle riders know there are lots of boneheads out there: drivers who look right at you but don’t see you; kids on cell phones; and jerks who just won’t share the road.

If you’re a rider, you know that drivers don’t see you. They turn left in front of you.They’ll pull out right in front of you. They’re texting, they’re talking. They’re doing a lot of things other than watching out for you!

I know that, too. I know about the oily streak down the center of the lane (especially in a new rain). And about the gravel in the corners. I also know we’re a community of riders that care about each other and our country. I get it because I live it.

Yes, I’m a real rider, and a real lawyer. I’ve been riding and racing since I was a kid. I know my way around a garage too. I’m not afraid to get my hands dirty tearing down an engine.

A winner for clients since 1981

As a personal injury attorney, I’m not afraid to fight an insurance company that wants to pay you a lot less than they owe you.

I’ve handled thousands of cases, hundreds of jury trials, fighting for the rights of my clients, and winning! I’m considered to be one of the most experienced, successful, knowledgeable lawyers around.

I’ve been fighting and winning for Wisconsin citizens since 1981. In 2012, I formed a partnership with George Stein, and brought the nationally respected Steelhorse Law firm to Wisconsin – to fight for riders!

Steelhorse Law brings the expertise, power and resources of a national personal injury law organization to our Wisconsin law firm — to provide you with exceptional personal attention!

If someone in a tin can or anyone who should have been more careful hurts you or your bike, you’re entitled to get your bike fixed, your lost wages covered, your medical bills paid. And you’re entitled to be paid for your pain and suffering. You’re entitled to be compensated for your time off your bike!

If you or a loved one has experienced a personal injury while riding, please get in touch. Your consultation will be free. We even make house calls and hospital calls.

And please bear in mind: you won’t pay a fee if you don’t win.

Simply put, I’m ready to ride with you. And ready to fight for you.

Andrew Mishlove

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